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Dreams of Light

"Dreams of Light" is an initiative to provide solar power to families in El Nido, Philippines. With over 6 million households living without electricity, this project holds significant promise for improving their quality of life.In El Nido, families reside in makeshift homes made of concrete and bamboo, lacking access to basic infrastructure. This deprivation plunges them into darkness at night (even during the day) and restricts their ability to charge essential learning devices like cell phones.

This project is critical as children continue their education from home since the pandemic.

Teachers in the Philippines, including those in El Nido, Palawan, have adapted to remote learning by and now send educational materials home. However, the success of this approach depends on families having access to reliable electricity.

To gain deeper insight into the urgent need and potential impact of "Dreams of Light," we invite you to watch a video by Germielyn Adarlo, the Philippine Ambassador for the My Generation Foundation. Her firsthand account sheds light on the challenges faced by these communities and underscores the importance of our collective efforts to address this pressing issue.

Brighter Futures: Advocating for Solar Power in El Nido

Brighter Futures: Advocating for Solar Power in El Nido

Together, let's illuminate lives and create a brighter future for families in El Nido, Philippines. Join us in our mission to bring light and power to those in need.

Dreams of Light – the Film

My Generation Foundation will include this solar project in an inspirational film titled, "Dreams of Light". This film will focus on the happiness that comes from giving and the joy the Philippine families feel when their homes are lit up for the first time. "Dreams of Light" will be a tool in building the dream of a new world. This film will be shown worldwide and enjoyed for years while inspiring others to light up a world filled with kindness.

The cast is a collection of people from around the world,

discovering the area, culture of the people, and also the experience of helping bring charitable giving to people in poverty. The cast testifies to their heartfelt enthusiasm and better understanding of how easily a little change can change a lot.

"Dreams of Light" is designed to stimulate a cheerful response that results in people taking action and loving the benefits! It will include some scenes from a free concert given to families in the community, people who have never experienced a live concert. The songs will be a celebration of peace, love, and global unity. A celebrity guest artist will also appear to join the team to show their support for the cause.


Building the dream of a new world is working with the power of multimedia and film. My Generation Foundation is working to partner with international NGOs to stage this event in El Nido. These charitable institutions will bring valuable and viable services to the people of El Nido. My Generation’s volunteer staff will work with a local Filipino crew and talent to produce a show that will act as a catalyst to bring more funding and support to many charitable organizations around the world.


My Generation Foundation has the potential to change the way people see themselves in a relationship with one another and our planet. Building the dream is our mission... and it works!

Dreams of Light Trailer 

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For only $350, a home and the children's lives within it, can be completely transformed!

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Thank you for standing with us to empower the next generation of children. Your support is crucial in igniting their aspirations for a brighter future and breaking the cycle of generational poverty. No matter the size, your contribution holds immense value. With your help, each home will be equipped with four lights, a solar panel, and battery storage with outlets, providing an essential resource for these village homes. 

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We are currently offering volunteer opportunities to join the project in El Nido! Get in touch with us for more information on volunteer packages and getting involved!

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