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Our Mission

  My Generation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that delivers the valuable commodity of imagination and sets the stage for a new world through multi-media art. Virtuous messages of hope, peace, love, and global unity are celebrated through video, music, and art created and published by My Generation. These medias include films, original music, and more. This inspirational art builds the dream of a new world within people. As a result, they take action to support charitable organizations and love the benefits of doing so!

After all...

Seeing humanitarian events celebrated in art and song creates rich dividends for our planet and its people for generations to come. It enables mankind to transfer their resources and energy into projects that are truly capable of bringing peace to the world. 


  The arts speak to people in ways that political leaders and institutions cannot, bringing a new perspective and optimism. Scientific research has proven that the publication of the arts changes the way that the public responds to their communities, both local and international. This creates a profound increase in social wealth and human contentment. There has never been a better time in history to propagate this form of wealth through the dream of a new generation.

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