What We Do 


Nothing connects the cultures, hearts & minds of the human race as strongly as a view into one another's world. A cordial dinner at the home of a stranger will be the beginning of a long friendship. Have you experienced this?

        The host and guest have a wonderful platform to show their goodwill and interest in each other. The discovery process is bountiful. We learn their values, hear their dreams, and feel their pain. We realize that we have very much in common which awakes our sensitivities. Warm hospitality gently provokes our hearts to open and to share our likeness, dreams, and fears.  


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My Generation "T.V. Show" travel the ocean of the earth connecting the dots between every nation and culture. Much like National Geographic magazines, it opens our eyes to a common ground that all humans share. A hope for a safe home for our children, freedom of belief, and sharing with those in need and less fortunate. Filled with popular art, music, cuisine, laughter, and popular celebrities. It's an entertaining table filled with nutrients for the soul. The use of film is powerful and capable of capturing wonders! Each show is an exotic travel documentary united with rock 'n' roll, culinary arts, and nutrition, also with special guest celebrities. This is the table we prepare for our guests.